Effective Educational Blogs


Classroom blogging has become an effective teaching and learning strategy that is enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Two blogs that I have read have stood out in particular. The following examples could be used to model to my own class about what makes a good blog.

The first site, Year2S, is a Sydney-based class blog. It’s tagline, 2S Scottish Highlanders- making the most of every moment, is very positive and makes me interested in what they have to say. Visually, it has a good balance between text and image. It is neatly organised and includes a variety of topics and class ‘goings-on’. It is not just a forum for topics the students are learning about. There is a post about their class pet, the swimming carnival, school excursions etc. There are many photos of the students engaged in various activities too. The students are also able to discuss what they are learning about and title topics with the use of question to engage the audience. Students also seem to have a large input into the blog and are able to comment on many aspects of the blog. I would use this for a lower primary class although an upper primary class may also be able to critically analyse the site.


The second blog that I found that I could show my students is from a Year 6 class. It would be an example where the students could work towards something that looks professional and highly finished. The blog Year 6RC, Life in Year 6, is very visually appealing and gives the impression that the students have worked very hard to ensure their blog is of a high standard. The students rotate the role of ‘Student Reporters’ and each person is given an opportunity to write about what they are learning in class as well as what else is happening in the school. The students have tagged key points and many have commented on particular topics that they have included on the site. There is also a good structure to the blog and a good balance between text and visual images. This could be used with a class in upper primary.



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