Using Toontastic in the Classroom



Toontastic is a fantastic app that students can use to recreate a narrative. The app is extremely engaging and provides students with an opportunity to develop and refine a digital text that they can share with others. The app is fantastic for younger children as it is broken down into the key elements of a narrative (called a ‘Story Arc’): Setup, conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution. This allows students to clearly understand how any story is created which directly linking to text type outcomes in the English syllabus. Using this app also allows students hands-on experience with multi-modal texts- another aspect of the English syllabus.The app has music that children can use to set the scene for each element, can use voice recordings and can even give students the opportunity to draw their own characters and use them in their stories. Students can also be working in groups to develop communication and team work skills and can draw on the strengths of others to produce an excellent piece of work. It is extremely easy to use and can be used in the classroom to retell a story, can be used for students to develop a story based on something they are learning in class (cross-curriculum link) or can be used with students who may need more encouragement to be engaged in class by creating a story about a topic they are particularly interested in. 



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