Greenwashing – The Media Show


This video satirically looks at the way big businesses and marketing firms can invest millions of dollars into portraying a certain kind of image to its stakeholders. Many can ‘jump on the band wagon’ of a particular sociocultural issue and use it to their advantage without it necessarily being a truthful representation of their organisation. This video for example is looking at ‘going green’ and being environmentally friendly. The characters comment that although people/companies attempt to ‘show their concern’, sometimes they are misleading the audience into thinking they are something they are not. This can be in the way that they brand themselves without any attention to truth and facts.
This video brings to light many implications for teaching kids about the internet and media content at school. The basic message is that it can be easy for children and adults alike to only see what the companies want us to see. Unfortunately, this may not always be an accurate picture and can mislead us. It is vital that when we are using the internet and when we are engaging in various media that we are able to think critically. We need to understand the author’s point of view and what their agenda is. We also need to learn how to search out reliable sources and discard those that are unreliable.